Clearway School 

A small, private school in eastern Massachusetts where students with learning disabilities achieve academic and  personal success

Clearway School is a small, private, nonprofit day school for students in grades 6 to 12 with language-based learning disabilities, nonverbal learning disabilities, dyslexia, and other similar special needs. We accommodate a wide range of students who share a common theme of having typically difficult school experiences prior to coming to Clearway and the need for a small setting.
Clearway shares a commitment to providing challenging academics and implementing Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. We have a number of specialized services that distinguish us from other programs:
  • Small teacher-student ratios in all classes (typically 4-1)
  • Trained Orton-Gillingham specialists to address reading and spelling
  • Full-time speech and language pathologist who works directly in academic classes and who oversees a sequential pragmatic language curriculum
  • Transition counselor who guides upperclassmen in the transition process and leads work-study program, service learning, and transition groups
  • Part-time social worker who leads groups and serves as liaison to families and to support professionals that our students have in the community
  • Trained teachers in systematic writing approach (EmPOWER) that includes focus on executive functioning
  • Extensive assistive technology supports including Kurzweil, computer-based math fluency program, digital texts and text readers, interactive whiteboards, etc.
  • Support from Clearway staff if a student is ready to explore transition back to public school
  • Weekly one-to-one meetings with educational counselors to facilitate educational progress, connection to the program, and to foster student understanding of him/herself as a learner
  • High interest elective classes in art, music, drama, science, history, sports, etc. to capture student interest
  • Collaborative approach to decision making that is reflected in Clearway's Co-Director administrative model, collaborative staff meetings, and whole school community meetings
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Clearway School is dedicated to providing quality, specialized instruction to students with learning disabilities. We are a community that celebrates the diversity of the individual and the many paths to success. We welcome students who may have had difficult prior experiences in school and help them to re-engage in the exploration of their academic, artistic, social, vocational, and civic passions. Our goal is to build independent skills through small group, multi-sensory instruction that provides true access to the general curriculum. Our collaborative team approach challenges students to identify and commit to individual goals integrated across the community. Communication with families, sending school districts, and collateral service providers is essential to this approach. Clearway School honors the individual learning style of each student and cultivates respect for self, others, and the environment. We are committed to providing transitional support for students as they successfully return to public schools or pursue post-secondary options, including college, with a better understanding of themselves and their responsibilities.

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Clearway School was founded in 1975 by a group of 10 teachers who wanted to realize their dream of starting a school for children with learning disabilities that would be based on their collective experience and strongly held beliefs about the most effective ways to reach and teach students. There are many aspects of the program structure established by the founders that remain intact today, including:
  • Administration and governance by a group of Co-Directors
  • Small size and a nurturing, familial environment to support student growth and development
  • A unique tutorial system designed to build self esteem, increase self awareness, and improve school functioning
  • An elective program comprised of high interest, hands-on mini courses which builds on students’ abilities
  • Teacher ownership of the program through the Co-Director and tutorial systems
Although the founding teachers have moved on, Clearway School remains dedicated to providing special education services to students aged eleven to eighteen who have been diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities, nonverbal learning disabilities, dyslexia, or other similar special needs.

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Clearway School 61 Chestnut St. West Newton, MA 02465  617-964-6186     FAX 617-965-5680