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About Us

Clearway School

A small, private school in eastern Massachusetts where students with learning disabilities achieve academic and personal success.


Clearway School is a small, private, nonprofit day school for students in grades 7 to 12 with language-based learning disabilities, nonverbal learning disabilities, dyslexia, and other similar special needs. We accommodate a wide range of students who typically share a common theme of having difficult school experiences prior to coming to Clearway and the need for a small setting (c. 37 students).

Clearway shares a commitment to providing challenging academics and implementing Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. We have a number of specialized services that distinguish us from other programs:

• Small student to teacher ratios in all classes (typically 5:1)

• Trained Orton-Gillingham specialists to address reading and spelling

• Full-time speech and language pathologist who works directly in academic classes and who oversees pragmatic language curriculum

• Full-time transition counselor who guides upperclassmen in the transition process, supports students in dual-enrollment program at local community colleges, and leads work-study program, service learning, tours of post-graduate options, and transition groups

• Full-time school clinician who leads groups and serves as liaison to families and to support professionals that our students have in the community

• Trained teachers in systematic writing approach (EmPOWER) that includes focus on executive functioning

• Extensive assistive technology supports including  Google Read & Write, SMART Boards,  1 to 1 chromebooks, Lucid Charts, etc.

• Support from Clearway staff if a student is ready to explore transition back to public school

• Weekly one-to-one meetings with educational counselors to facilitate educational progress, connection to the program, and understanding of student’s learning profile

• High-interest elective classes in art, music, drama, computers,  science, history, sports, and other areas to capture student interest

• Staff who believe in the the philosophy “kids do well if they can” and who are committed to problem-solving concerns with students

• 24 day summer program to prevent regression

• After-school programming to support students in making social connections and exploring their interests

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