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Mission Statement

Clearway School

Clearway School is dedicated to providing quality, specialized instruction to students with learning disabilities. We are a community that celebrates the diversity of the individual and the many paths to success. We welcome students who may have had difficult prior experiences in school and help them to re-engage in the exploration of their academic, artistic, social, vocational, and civic passions. Our goal is to build independent skills through small group, multi-sensory instruction that provides true access to the general curriculum. Our collaborative team approach challenges students to identify and commit to individual goals integrated across the community. Communication with families, sending school districts, and collateral service providers is essential to this approach. Clearway School honors the individual learning style of each student and cultivates respect for self, others, and the environment. We are committed to providing transitional support for students as they successfully return to public schools or pursue post-secondary options, including college, with a better understanding of themselves and their responsibilities.

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