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Summer Program

Clearway School

Clearway’s 5-week (24-day) summer program is an essential way for many Clearway students to prevent regression of skills. It also allows our students to focus on critical areas such as transition skills, pragmatic language, and social skills.

The program provides Orton-Gillingham reading support , writing and math classes as well as vocational and transitional services. The program is modeled after the regular Clearway School program but includes activities to help provide a “camp-like” feel.

During the morning, students are enrolled in academic classes followed by electives courses. A typical summer at Clearway includes circus arts, kayaking, swimming, service learning trips, work-study opportunities, and arts and crafts.

Highlights during the 2023 summer program included surfing, ropes course, swimming at local lakes, art, tours of colleges and transition programs, volunteering, and games. Typically, about 24 students (all who are also part of Clearway’s regular school year program) participate in the summer program. Some students who are transitioning to Clearway begin during the summer program.

For more information about the Clearway Summer Program please email the Director, Kerry Dougherty (

Clearway Summer Program 2024

July 1st - August 2nd

8:30 to 2:30 Monday through Thursday

8:30 to 12:15 Fridays

Approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

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