Important Information regarding Return to Mandatory Masking

Clearway School

Dear Clearway Families,

In the last 10 days, Clearway's community has had 2 positive staff cases and 4 positive student cases. This is the highest number of cases we have ever had.

Effective Wednesday, May 18th, masking will again be required of everyone (staff, students, and visitor) who enters Clearway's building or vehicles. We will reevaluate this decision on June 1st.


We know some students and families may be disappointed at the return to mandatory masking, but this is necessary to keep our school open.


Masks will need to be worn indoors and in vans. When in the community, students should be wearing masks indoors.

As before, students will not need to wear masks outside.


Please let your student know about the change to the policy so students are prepared for tomorrow. Thank you to all the members of our community who have tested regularly and participate in pooled testing. It has helped keep our community healthy and find these cases.