Happy Holidays!

Clearway School

Hello Clearway Friends and Families,


We hope this email finds you healthy and well.


As we prepare for the holiday break, we wanted to take a minute to extend our thanks once again to all of you who were able to donate to Clearway’s Building Fund. On Friday, October 28th, we celebrated the new move with a ribbon-cutting ceremony (see picture above). The highlight of this ceremony was a speech written and delivered by one of our current students who shared her story of how Clearway changed her life.


        “Clearway has helped me in so many different ways, especially with my reading and writing. My reading disability has made me have to work harder to understand things in class. After five years of OG, I can read things much better and understand things better too.”

Darya Baker


We love our new building!  Classrooms are bigger, there’s a large conference room on the first floor for IEP meetings, admissions meetings and full staff meetings, there are more small offices for one on one work and testing,  there is a kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and a fenced outdoor area for games, lunch and socializing. And, perhaps most importantly, it is located in a neighborhood that allows us to continue with the community partnerships we have had for over twenty years. This new location also allows students with off-campus privilege opportunities to visit the local businesses for lunch. So far, 7/11 attracts the most business from our students!


As most of you know, we have been back in person since August and this larger space allows us to social distance safely. We have fewer students in larger spaces and have been able to keep our school community healthy.


We have shared some photos from our new space taken by the architects who developed the plans. You will see why we are so happy in this new space!


We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy holiday season and new year.


Thank you again for your continued support of Clearway School, it is deeply appreciated.




Becky, Kerry, Mary, and Peter