Bullying Plan

Clearway School

Clearway School is committed to providing our students equal educational opportunities and a safe learning environment free from bullying, cyberbullying, and retaliation. All school community members are expected to treat each other with respect, in appreciation of the rich diversity in our school. Clearway School will take specific steps to create a safe, supportive environment for vulnerable populations in the school community, and to provide all students with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to prevent or respond to bullying, harassment, or teasing. This expectation is an integral part of Clearway School’s comprehensive efforts to promote learning; eliminate all forms of violent, harmful, and disruptive behavior; enable students to achieve their personal and academic potential; and allow our students to become successful citizens in an increasingly diverse society.

Clearway School will not tolerate any unlawful or disruptive behavior, including any form of bullying, cyberbullying and retaliation in school, on school grounds, or during school-related activities. Reports documenting bullying and/or retaliation made by students, parents or guardians, or other individuals who are not school members, may be made anonymously and submitted to any administrator of Clearway School.  The Clearway administration will investigate promptly all reports and complaints of bullying, cyberbullying, and retaliation, and take prompt action to end that behavior and restore the target’s sense of safety. This commitment extends to  all aspects of our school community, including curricula, instructional programs, staff development, extracurricular activities, and parent or guardian involvement.

The Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan is a comprehensive approach to addressing bullying and cyberbullying.Clearway School is committed to working with students, staff, families, law enforcement agencies, and the community to prevent issues of violence. The Administrator is responsible for the implementation and oversight of the Plan.